10 DAY6 Cover Performances That Are Bound To Impress

DAY6 is well-recognized by music fans for their excellent original tracks, which they have been showcasing on a monthly basis this year through the “Every DAY6” project. However, the band has also received significant attention for their wonderful covers of songs by other artists, making each their own through unique arrangements.

Check out some of DAY6’s impressive covers below!

1. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”

Earlier this year, DAY6 turned heads with their acoustic rendition of Ed Sheeran’s international hit “Shape of You.” Their diverse vocal colors harmonize beautifully as they gradually build up together to the climax.

2. BIGBANG’s “Bad Boy”

DAY6 arranged a new English version of BIGBANG’s 2012 track “Bad Boy.” Their voices and instruments have perfect synergy as they create an incredibly passionate and full sound.

3. TWICE’s “TT” + “Knock Knock” + “Signal”

“Music Bank” had a special episode for the first-half of 2017 on June 30 for which DAY6 created a stellar arrangement of TWICE’s recent hit tracks.

Jae previously referred to this performance as his personal favorite cover:

4. Crush’s “Don’t Forget Me”

Each member’s distinct tone and stable vocals stand out in this beautiful cover of Crush’s “Don’t Forget Me.” The performance is further enhanced with Dowoon maintaining the flow on cajon.

5. Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”

Jae and Young K pour in all their emotions for this stunning performance of “Lost Stars.” The harmonies of Jae’s soulful voice and Young K’s falsetto are impressive enough to distract you from Young K’s wig!

6. John Legend’s “All of Me”

Last year, Sungjin and Wonpil put on an emotional performance of John Legend’s “All of Me.” The warmth of their voices sits splendidly with the lone piano accompaniment.

7. Kim Gun Mo’s “Sleepless Rainy Night”

“Sleepless Rainy Night” is a track with special significance for the group as Jae, Sungjin, Young K, and Wonpil performed it as trainees for the YG vs. JYP battle on survival program “WIN.” Four years later, their experience shines as they enjoy the entire performance with relaxed smiles.

Check out their performance on “WIN” starting at 29:00:

8. Rooftop Moonlight’s “Well Done Again My Friend”

DAY6’s cover of Rooftop Moonlight’s classic “Well Done Again My Friend” is so impressive that the original singers praised it as the best cover ever done of their track. The vocal duo expressed their desire to try out DAY6’s arrangement and also go watch them perform one day.

Watch Rooftop Moonlight’s reaction below:

9. The Beatles’ “Yesterday”

Timeless classic “Yesterday” takes on a new vibe through Jae and Young K’s cover. The performance takes a special twist with Young K’s unique talent of producing trumpet sound effects with his mouth.

10. JYP Medley

DAY6 often covers tracks by their fellow JYP artists, and for this clip, they performed a special 100-second medley. Included are Sungjin singing TWICE’s “Knock Knock,” Young K singing Baek A Yeon’s “So So,” Wonpil singing GOT7’s “Never Ever,” Jae singing Baek Yerin’s “Bye Bye My Blue,” and Sungjin singing Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely.”

What songs would you like to hear DAY6 cover next?

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