Director Of Upcoming SBS Drama Praises DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon For Her Acting

Baek Soo Chan, the director of the upcoming SBS drama “Into the New World” (working title), shared his thoughts on working with DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon.

Jung Chaeyeon is acting as the younger counterpart of the female lead. Baek Soo Chan began, “She has a bit of shyness about her, and above anything else, she’s very charming. She also has very good talent and potential. She’s very bright and innocent, and she has a wide range of emotional expression, so she fits her character very well.”

He also praised her by saying, “She has an amazing passion for acting. Even now, she practices alone very hard and then taking to the shoots. I hope everyone can cheer her on so that Jung Chaeyeon can be known as a talented actress.”

Another staff member said, “Jung Chaeyeon is always humble and hardworking on set, and she’s always listening attentively to the directors and staff. She is not afraid to communicate. Like Baek Soo Chan said, we hope she gets lots of love.”

Meanwhile, “Into the New World” will follow up “Suspicious Partner” and will air its first episode on July 19 at 10 p.m. KST.

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