Sandara Park Turns Into A Powerful Drummer On “Insolent Housemates”

Sandara Park showed off her charismatic side by playing the drums on “Insolent Housemates!”

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s variety show “Insolent Housemates,” Sandara Park will be showcasing her drumming skills for the first time.

In the released teaser stills, Sandara Park looks excited as she holds up red drum sticks. She then seems to focus on playing the drums, which generates curiosity on how skilled she is as a drummer. The images show the serious side of Sandara Park, who is usually known to be bubbly and cute.

More casts of “Insolent Housemates,” Jo Se Ho and Block B‘s P.O, also make an appearance in the teaser photos, cheering on Sandara Park during her drumming session. Then, the three will be forming a hilarious “Sandara Park Band,” and Jo Se Ho will be going into a mad drumming spree after watching Sandara Park play.

The episode with Sandara Park’s drum performance on “Insolent Housemates” will be aired on July 14.

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