Super Junior’s Donghae Expresses His Love For Fans As He Is Discharged From Military

On July 14, Super Junior’s Donghae completed his military service and was discharged at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, where he was greeted by fans who had been waiting for him.

Later, the artist posted to his personal Instagram and thanked fans for waiting for him to be discharged from the military. Donghae expressed his love for fans and said, “I couldn’t sleep after I heard that some of our ELFs had been waiting for a couple days in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in the midst of an intense heat wave. I was worried that it might take a toll on your health and was also worried that you might not be eating well.”

He also added that he was very touched to see that fans from overseas had come to Korea to meet him and said, “From now on, I’ll make sure you all are never lonely again.”

시랑하는 ELF들 몇일부터 폭염 가운데 서울청 앞에서 기다려주신다는 소식을 접하고 걱정에 짐을 못잤습니다. 건강에 무리가 가지 않을까? 식사는 챙겨드실까 걱정했습니다. 또 해외에서도 많은 분들이 와주셔서 감동의 기쁨의 연속이엿습니다. 앞으로는 외롭게 하지 않을테니 우리 좋은 시간 많이 만들어요.1년9개월동안 기다려주셔서 감사합니다. 다음주 팬미팅에서 만나요 ^^ 그리고 슈퍼주니어 앨범으로 인사드릴겠습니다! 지금도 벅차오르고 미안한 마음뿐입니다 ! 밤샘했으니 오늘 푹자요 ^^ 좋은꿈꿔요 사랑합니다. 진심으로 감사하고 사랑합니다. -수경 이동해-

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Donghae wrapped up his post by telling fans he would see them at the fan meeting next week, which he will be hosting with fellow Super Junior member Eunhyuk, who was also recently discharged from the military.

The artist also posted another photo of him with the rest of his unit, thanking them for the past year and nine months.

1년9개월동안 감사했습니다.사랑하는 단장님과 우리 대원들…

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Meanwhile, Super Junior will be making a comeback together this fall with seven members.

Welcome back, Donghae!

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