VIXX’s Ravi Shows His Support For HOTSHOT By Getting Adorably Excited For Teasers

We all need friends like VIXX’s Ravi in our life!

The rapper, along with many other idols, supported Ha Sung Woon from the group HOTSHOT during “Produce 101 Season 2.” Recently Ravi also tweeted out in support of HOTSHOT’s latest comeback as well as Ha Sung Woon’s teaser for Wanna One.

Ravi is also friends with HOTSHOT’s Timoteo and responded to Timoteo’s teaser photo with, “Finally!!!!” and “Shoulder king Timoteo.” HOTSHOT is planning a comeback with five members later this month.

On Ha Sung Woon’s selfie for Wanna One promotions, Ravi also tweeted out, “Ha Sung Woon!!!”

What do you think of this adorable friendship?