TVXQ Fans Demand That Stylists Resign After Wardrobe Malfunction At SMTOWN Concert

TVXQ fans are demanding that TVXQ’s stylist team resign.

On July 13, the fan community DC Inside TVXQ Gallery filed a petition against TVXQ’s stylist team, London Pride. The team has worked with TVXQ since the beginning of their career and they expressed their frustration at the fact that, over the years, there were countless instances where their clothes caused inconvenience for the members.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Yunho‘s wardrobe malfunction at the most recent SMTOWN Concert, during which Yunho sustained a large rip in his pants as he danced to his first song. He finished the song without batting an eyelash, then calmly explained the situation to the crowd before asking for permission to go backstage to change. Although Yunho remained professional, this was his first time on stage since being discharged from the military. Therefore, fans were understandably upset that such an accident caused distraction for a highly-anticipated comeback. They voiced their frustration that comments ridiculing and sexually harassing him for the incident had run rampant on certain online communities.

Fans also pointed out that similar accidents happen in the past, forcing the members to tie their jackets around their waists during the show to cover the rips. They also highlighted a time in 2011, when Changmin was cut on a glove that he was wearing and began bleeding.

They also complained that TVXQ tend to wear some outfits over and over, pointing out that between 2014 and 2015, they wore the same outfit seven different times.

To make matters worse, there were a number of occasions on which the members were dressed completely inappropriately for the weather. Most recently, Yunho was dressed in multiple layers even in the summer heat at the 2017 SMTOWN Live Tour in Seoul. The stylists had planned for him to change into another heavy leather jacket halfway through the performance but, while putting it on, Yunho decided against it and ripped off the jacket and the vest that he was wearing to perform the rest of the concert in just a shirt. TVXQ had also been dressed in heavy coats and sweaters in the past, even when the temperature reached over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Because of these issues, the fans are demanding that TVXQ work with a new styling team, and that the current stylist team take responsibility for these wardrobe malfunctions and resign.

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