Watch: Fights Break Out Between Students, Teachers, And More In New “School 2017” Teaser

Upcoming drama “School 2017” has previously teased a crime thriller storyline as well as a more traditional “following your dreams” storyline – but now it’s all about conflict.

In the new teaser, released on July 15, students get into fights with each other, with girls grabbing at each other’s hair and boys threatening to break out into fisticuffs. The voiceover emphasizes the idea of conflict by saying, “The world out there is a lot more cruel than this.”

Fights aren’t limited to the students, however, as Kim Sejeong’s character clashes with her teacher and Han Sun Hwa, who plays the school police officer, is seen roughing up some of the students. This also leads to conflicts between the teachers as they clash over what kind of attitude to take towards their pupils.

“School 2017” will premiere its first episode on July 17. Watch the new teaser below!