Lee Hyori Reveals She Almost Got In A Fight With Nosy Women At A Public Bathhouse

Lee Hyori revealed a rather unpleasant experience she had with intrusive women at a public bathhouse in Jeju Island.

During a recent episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” Lee Hyori shared that she once left a public bathhouse because of some comments made by rude middle-aged women.

She explained, “It was a really small, old public bathhouse and there were six women in the tub. They had cupping [therapy] marks on their shoulders and looked scary. I was about to start bathing, and I was taken aback because they started to nag at me in an irritating voice, saying, ‘Go soap yourself down before getting into the tub,’ and ‘Tie your hair.'”

She then said that the women even complained about her tattoos. “They didn’t realize I was Lee Hyori. The women tried to provoke me by asking, ‘What have you done, drawing all those things on your body?’ So I left before it turned into a fight,” she added.

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