Update: GOT7’s Jinyoung And JB Share Track Cards For Solo Songs On Upcoming JJ Project Release

Updated July 24 KST:

JJ Project has shared two more track cards for their upcoming return, this time for Jinyoung’s solo track “The Day” and JB’s solo track “Fade Away,” which will only be released via CD.

Updated July 23 KST:

Jinyoung and JB from GOT7 have released a couple more “track cards” for their upcoming comeback! Their new album as JJ Project will include songs “Don’t Wanna Know” and “Find You.”

Updated July 22 KST: 

GOT7’s Jinyoung and JB have released more “track cards” for their comeback as the duo JJ Project. Like the previously released track cards, they feature the boys narrating lyrics from songs that will appear on the album. In this case, the songs are called “On&On” and “Icarus.”

JJ Project’s album “Verse 2” will be released on July 31.

Updated July 21 KST:

GOT7’s Jinyoung and JB have released two “track cards” for their comeback as the duo JJ Project, featuring what appear to be narrated lyrics from upcoming songs “Coming Home” and “Tomorrow, Today.”

The latter is marked as being JJ Project’s title track on their release “Verse 2.”

Take a listen below!


As promised, JJ Project will finally be making a comeback this year!

The project unit consisting of GOT7’s Jinyoung and JB was a pre-debut unit that first appeared on the music scene with “Bounce” back in May 2012.

On July 15 at midnight KST, a schedule was released detailing the duo’s return. Pre-orders will open on July 17, while the first actual teaser looks like it will be revealed on July 21.

JJ Project will be returning with “Verse 2,” and will be releasing their music video on July 31, in addition to holding a special showcase in honor of their comeback.

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