UEE Deletes Instagram Account Following Backlash Over Initial Denial Of Relationship With Kangnam

UEE has deleted her Instagram account after receiving accusations of dishonesty regarding her relationship with Kangnam.

Prior to the deletion, UEE had apologized for causing confusion after initially posting a personal message of denial on her Instagram account.

When the dating reports first surfaced, UEE denied romantic ties with Kangnam on her Instagram until Dispatch revealed photos of the couple embracing in front of UEE’s home. After the release of Dispatch’s photos, UEE’s agency admitted through an official statement that the two celebrities have indeed started date recently.

However, fans accused UEE of being dishonest before evidence of her relationship with Kangnam was revealed.

As the public opinion grew more negative, UEE took to Instagram again to apologize for her initial denial.

Her full statement of apology read, “I posted out of panic at the sudden reports that divulged my relationship of three months. I apologize once again. To be precise, we started to grow fond of each other only recently, so I posted [the denial] out of worry that it might affect Kangnam and the drama team. I apologize for uploading without much thought. This incident has helped reassure our feelings for each other, and we will continue to date well. Thank you and sorry once again!!”

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