10 Flawless Collaborations By SM Artists

If you are part of a big entertainment company like SM Entertainment, it’s easy to find the perfect partners for a song; sometimes the artists of the greatest collaborations come from the same agency. SM Entertainment gave many collab ideas a chance, and we are lucky enough to enjoy these amazing songs.

1. Taemin and Kai – “Pretty Boy”

Starting off the list with our resident BFFs! Taemin asked for Kai’s help on his first album and “Pretty Boy” became many fans’ favorite. No wonder, as the two handsome guys even showed off their perfect dance skills on stage.

2. Henry with Kyuhyun and Taemin – “TRAP”

It’s impossible to go wrong when these three guys come together. All of them are able to express their variety of talents in this song, and let’s be real, we all got trapped when we first heard it, because the melody stuck in our heads for days!

3. Amber and Taeyeon – “Shake That Brass”

Amber’s solo stuff is always exciting and experimental, and it was so refreshing to hear Taeyeon’s voice in a song like this. Give us more of this, ladies!

4. Jonghyun and Taeyeon – “Lonely”

You can always trust Jonghyun and Taeyeon when it comes to beautiful ballads! “Lonely” is just the right song for a quiet night alone, and the vocals of these two talented artists will definitely help to ease your mind.

5. Xiumin and Mark – “Young & Free”

Could you tell that these guys are almost 10 years apart? Me, neither. They both look and sound just as “Young & Free” as is possible. It’s so good to see their blooming friendship in the MV, too.

6. Zhoumi and Chanyeol – “Rewind”

EXO’s rapper supported Zhoumi on his solo debut, and the result was splendid: a superb song with two extremely handsome men on screen! Is there anything more to ask for?

7. BoA with Henry and Key – “One Dream”

“One Dream” was used as a theme song for the audition program “K-Pop Star” and demonstrates the message of the talent show completely. As always, BoA’s vocals are no joke!

8. Yesung and Seulgi – “Darling U”

SM STATION releases are forever full of surprises, and Yesung and Seulgi’s duet was certainly a sweet one! If you need a peaceful and cute song to listen to, go with this one!

9. Henry and Amber – “1-4-3 (I Love You)”

It’s always so adorable to see two friends singing together, and Henry and Amber’s song is something we all needed. Can you imagine the duo partying their hearts out while “1-4-3” is playing in the background?

10. Zhoumi and Victoria – “Loving You”

Chinese members of SM groups always find a way to work together, and the proof is Zhoumi and Victoria’s “Loving You.” Sweet harmonies and a perky love song, that’s all we need.

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