Red Velvet’s Irene Talks About Close Relationship With Her Parents on “Ask Us Anything”

On the July 15 episode of “Ask Us Anything” featuring Red Velvet, Irene revealed how close she is with her parents.

Irene said, “I went on a trip to Gyeongju with my parents recently. While we were on our way, I suddenly felt a pang of sadness because my father who always looked big, now looked small. I normally take a lot of pictures of scenery, but I asked myself whether I had any pictures of my parents on my phone. This time, I tried to take photos and videos with them.”

Red Velvet and the “Ask Us Anything” cast members were all touched by Irene’s comments. Cast member Lee Soo Geun told her to call them often. Irene answered that she calls her parents every day, and that during her time as a trainee, she even called four times in one day.

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