Lee Gun Min And Yeo Hwan Woong From “Produce 101 Season 2” Reveal Which Artists Inspired Them

RBW trainees Lee Gun Min and Yeo Hwan Woong from “Produce 101 Season 2” sat down for an interview and named some of their role models in the industry.

Lee Gun Min shared, “I wanted to become an idol after seeing BIGBANG and Highlight. I liked dancing ever since I was little, so I did a lot of cover dances at festivals and talent shows.”

He continued, “During my second year of high school, I came across an opportunity to participate in a performance, and that was when I received an offer to audition for a famous agency. After that, I decided to forego college, and I went around auditioning while attending academies.”

Yeo Hwan Woong revealed that he wanted to become a singer like Rain ever since elementary school. “When I was little, my parents would ask me what song I liked, and I would always respond by singing ‘It’s Raining’ by Rain. I naturally started dreaming of becoming a world star,” he explained.

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