INFINITE’s L Reveals He Made Up His Mind About The Possibility Of Re-Signing With Woollim A Couple Of Years Ago

INFINITE’s L opened up about the possibility of extending his contract with Woollim Entertainment.

At a recent interview about his drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” he said, “We are still undergoing discussions about the contract renewal. We’ve only gone through the preliminary stages, and we now have to discuss the specifics. I think it’s going to take some time, but the answer has most likely already been decided. I’m thinking in the same way as those who are thinking, ‘Wouldn’t this be a better option?’ Decisions can change every minute and every second, but for now, I’m thinking positively.

He continued, “The direction I’ll be taking is definitely something I have to think about,” while at the same time, saying, “I already made up my mind [about the contract renewal] two or three years ago.”

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Even though L is a popular idol group member, he voluntarily took the stance of a rookie after beginning his acting career. In his hopes to create a new “brand” as an actor, he uses his real name “Kim Myung Soo” instead of his stage name L.

L explained, “It’s like I’m creating [game] characters. I’ve been working on the character L until now, and now I’m making a new character called Kim Myung Soo. If I were to make an analogy to games, it would be like training a thief and then changing to a magician. It’s fun. It’s a different version of something I’ve already experienced, so there’s a synergy that comes from that.”

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“I’ve been working as L of INFINITE for seven years, so now I want to create the brand Kim Myung Soo. To make this brand more well-known, I will continue working. After taking a break for about three days, I will start drawing out my plans for the second half of the year.”

Meanwhile, L acted as the commoner Lee Sun in “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” which aired its finale on July 13.

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