Lee Hyori Puts IU In A Tough Spot With Surprising Question About Her Husband Lee Sang Soon

On the July 16 episode of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” Lee Hyori put IU in a tough spot with her forthrightness.

During the episode, Lee Hyori’s husband, Lee Sang Soon, went to pick up some of their guests. The three of them had been resting after lunch when the elderly guests who were going to stay at the house called ahead and asked about public transport. Hearing that they had not rented a car, Lee Sang Soon went to pick them up.

While he was gone, Lee Hyori and IU were chatting when Lee Hyori suddenly asked her, “Do you think Lee Sang Soon is handsome? Or not?”

IU, taken aback, burst into laughter and said, “Is that something I have to answer?” Fortunately, the guests arrived at that moment, saving IU from an awkward situation.

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