Update: Dreamcatcher Reveals 4th Mystery Code For Upcoming Comeback

Updated July 18 KST:

Dreamcatcher has now revealed the fourth “mystery code” that serves as a teaser for their comeback. This time, there are two short phrases, “Before & After” and “flying up,” written on pieces of paper.

Original Article:

After showing both their bright and dark sides in teaser photos for upcoming comeback “Prequel,” Dreamcatcher has revealed their third “mystery code” teaser.

The third mystery code, released on July 17 at midnight KST, is a note penned to a daughter from a worried mother. The mother writes that she is concerned after not hearing from her daughter in so long (the daughter appears to be studying away from home) and asks about the ‘strange thing’ that the daughter had previously mentioned. The mother adds that she had had a strange dream in which her daughter seemed unfamiliar to her, adding to the spooky vibe of Dreamcatcher’s teasers.

The group previously dropped group teaser photos for their comeback as well. Their mini album, “Prequel,” is due out on July 27 at 6 p.m. KST.