BLACKPINK Discusses How Often People Recognize Them On The Street

On July 17, BLACKPINK guested on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” and talked about how much they get recognized in the streets.

BLACKPINK revealed, “We’re tied to our dorms, so we’re not sure if people recognize us. If the four of us move around with our manager, people tend to recognize us, but if we dress in dark clothes, people don’t seem to know.”

Lisa also talked about their upcoming Japanese debut, saying, “We are making our debut in Japan soon. Before we leave [for Japan], I want to communicate more with our Korean fans.”

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DJ Park Myung Soo was impressed by her flawless Korean and asked how she could speak so well in Korean even though she’s from Thailand. Lisa responded, “It’s been about six years since I came to Korea. I studied Korean for about two hours everyday.”

Would you recognize BLACKPINK immediately if you saw them on the street?

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