Lee Hyori Reveals How Her Decision To Do “Hyori’s Homestay” Backfired On Her

Lee Hyori is the cover model for the August edition of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan!

At an interview with the magazine, she talked about her reality show “Hyori’s Homestay” and how it backfired on her. She said, “It’s already backfiring. From morning to night, people are coming to see my house. But it was our decision, so I guess we should take responsibility for it on our own (laughs).”

She also talked about her newest album “Black,” and what her source of inspiration was. “It’s hard to pick one single [source], but I’d say it’s the time I spend doing nothing. I’m the type of person who’s always doing something, but coming to Jeju Island and putting down my worries made the words and melodies inside my mind come out naturally.”

Check out the images below from her photo shoot at a desert in California!

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