Kim So Hyun Reveals What She Wants To Do When She Turns 20

On July 17, Kim So Hyun shared what she wants to do as a legal adult through an interview with a news outlet.

The actress turns the legal age of 20 (Korean reckoning) next year and commented that the first thing she wants to do is drink with her mother. She explained, “I am curious about the taste, but people also say, ‘Rather than the taste, the atmosphere of hanging out is great,’ so I am more curious about that.” She added with a shy laugh, “And I can also watch R-rated movies freely.”

When asked about dating, she responded, “Even if it’s not exactly at 20, I think I have to date once I’m in my 20s. I have never dated before, and since I have no experience, I acted through indirect experiences from films, dramas, and books.”

She continued, “Even just for real acting, I think I must date. It does sort of feel required, but I am also curious what it would feel like.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun recently completed historical drama, “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”

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