Lee Hyori Reveals What She Was Most Worried About Before Getting Married

Lee Hyori opened up about her thoughts on love with IU.

On July 16, the third day of operations at Hyori’s guesthouse was aired on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay.”

During a relaxed afternoon, Lee Hyori and IU went for a walk along the coastline and had a candid conversation about love.

While watching the sun set, IU carefully asked Lee Hyori, “Did you ever miss flirting with others after you got married?”

To IU’s question, Lee Hyori honestly replied, “It is disappointing. The biggest thing I worried about when I was getting married was if I might cheat.”

Lee Hyori went on to say, “My mind sways easily, and I like flirting. But I’ve never given a single thought to it for the last six years. You just need to meet someone who beats all of that.”

She then advised IU, “There certainly is someone like that. But not when you try hard to find him. When you try to be a better person yourself, then he will show up.”

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