10 Of The Funniest Twitter Reactions About EXO’s Comeback

With mere hours to go until EXO’s much-anticipated comeback, EXO-Ls are maybe, perhaps, just a little bit excited for the beloved boy band’s new MV “KoKoBop” to hit the interwebs in its full glory. As EXO-Ls endure the home stretch of their agonizing wait, they’re racking up the teaser views and tweeting all the feels! Here is just a small sampling of the funniest reactions that EXO-Ls are sharing on Twitter:

1. Let’s start with how EXO-Ls are creating a whole new ~kokolanguage~ for this comeback:

Can’t wait for KoKoBop to kokodrop~ (am I doing this right??)

2. How are your bias lists doing after that week of teaser images, EXO-Ls?


3. And how about after watching that MV teaser? How y’all feeling right now?

Yeah, same.

4. This fan let Lady Gaga do the talking about a certain maknae:

5. Here we have a dedicated EXO-L putting their merch to good use:

6. While other EXO-Ls prefer to put their photoshop skills to good use:

7. Throwing it back to one member’s appearance on “King of Masked Singer”:

8. Meanwhile, this fan had some ~sweet~ words about Chanyeol’s colorful new hairdo:

9. Funny but also FEEEEELINGGGS~~~:

10. And about that ending pose…

Re: dab pose, I also have to drop in a heart-eyes emoji for #EarnestSuho because LOOK AT HIM.

Hang in there, EXO-Ls — just a few more hours to go!

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