“Running Man” Producer Praises Jun So Min And Says He Has High Hopes For Her Future

“Running Man’s” producing director (PD) has high hopes for recently joined cast member Jun So Min!

In a recent interview, PD Jung Chul Min shared, “Jun So Min is an honest and innocent friend. I knew I had to cast her if I could after shooting with her, and I was glad to cast her along with Yang Se Chan,” and added, “I sometimes have a drink with Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min outside of work, and they’re exactly the same in real life. They’re really honest and fun. That’s why a fun story always pops up. The chemistry is bound to be good.”

The PD also praised Jun So Min for her personality, saying, “Jun So Min has an easygoing charm that is unlike an actress. She always arrives on set early and talks about how she’s doing these days, and she’s like a bright ‘maknae’ daughter.”

To the question of if Jun So Min felt pressured about letting go of herself on the show, the PD answered, “I don’t think she is concerned about that because there’s Lee Kwang Soo. Lee Kwang Soo is also continuing his career while being on ‘Running Man.’ Variety shows are variety shows, and acting is acting. So I think she thinks of him as a role model in that aspect.”

Lastly, he revealed his high hopes for Jun So Min saying, “I really hope great things happen for her.”

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