Han Sun Hwa Talks About What Kind Of Atmosphere “School 2017” Had On Set

On July 17, KBS’s new drama “School 2017” broadcast its first episode.

Shortly before the premiere, Han Sun Hwa held a Naver V Live broadcast where she talked about the atmosphere on set and her fellow co-stars.

“The atmosphere was very youthful,” she said. “There are a lot of students so it was a bright atmosphere. I’ve never filmed with so many students before, but I really liked the atmosphere. The director also had a lot of energy and was very hands-on on set.” She added as a joke, “It was just me that needed to do better.”

Han Sun Hwa plays the school police officer and her character has a special relationship with Han Joo Wan‘s character, a teacher at the school. Of her co-star, she said, “He is very well-mannered and friendly. He’s also a bit of a four-dimensional character so we have a lot of fun. I’m able to act in a comfortable atmosphere thanks to him.”

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