Rain Talks About When His Wife Kim Tae Hee Is Prettiest

Rain’s close friend Kim Kwang Min will be appearing in the upcoming episode of MBCevery1’s “Video Star.”

Actor Kim Kwang Min throws Rain under the bus and reveals, “When I told Rain that I will be appearing on ‘Video Star’ he told me that anything goes on that show so I should start a fire. He didn’t hold back his support.”

Kim Kwang Min also compliments his friend’s wife Kim Tae Hee and says, “Even when she’s bare-faced, a halo appears. It’s like she’s not a person from the real world. She’s like Saint Mary.”

He also shares that Rain had called him about Kim Tae Hee being pregnant and happily told his friend that his “all of his wishes came true.”

During filming, Kim Kwang Min calls Rain and asks him over the phone when Kim Tae Hee looks the prettiest. Rain answers, “[She’s] always pretty, but she’s prettiest when she’s eating.”

This episode of “Video Star” will air on July 18 at 8:30 p.m. KST

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