Lovelyz’s Jiae Reveals Her Love For “Fight My Way”

Lovelyz member Jiae is obsessed with the KBS 2TV drama “Fight My Way.”

On July 18, Lovelyz members Jiae and Yein took to Naver’s V app to spend time addressing fan questions in a live broadcast. Here, Jiae shared, “Recently I’ve gotten really into “Fight My Way”! She then did an impression of Kim Ji Won’s character, Choi Ae Ra by pulling aegyo and saying, “Ae Ra’s upsest, Ddong Man!”

Jiae continued on to share her feelings on the show. “Kim Ji Won is so pretty. Every time I watch the show I feel as if I’ve become Ae Ra. It’s truly wonderful!”

Hearing Jiae’s sentiments on the show, Yein asked, “Is it really Ae Ra’s character that you like?” Jiae answered with a laugh, “No, it’s Park Seo Joon’s Dong Man!”

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