Jung Yong Hwa Shares His Newfound Respect For Dance Artists

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa recently made a comeback with his solo mini album, “Do Disturb,” with the title track, “That Girl,” featuring Loco.

On July 19, Jung Yong Hwa shared his experiences behind making his new mini album and said, “Usually, it takes me a long time to finish recording a song because I always have to go back and fix little details. However, this time, I just decided to go for it and focused more on the overall feel of the song.”

He also continued, “After I finished making ‘That Girl’, someone in my company suggested that I dance to it because it’s a pretty upbeat song. At first, I thought that dancing didn’t suit me, so I compromised and agreed to dance for only small parts of the song. When it came time to shoot the music video, I was extremely nervous and now, I have so much respect for dance artists.”

What do you think about Jung Yong Hwa’s dancing?

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