Lee Joon Gi Talks About The Advantages Of Filming A Drama Set In Present Day

On July 19, Lee Joon Gi attended the press conference for tvN’s “Criminal Minds,” in which he plays the lead role of Kim Hyun Joon who is a talented crime scene investigator and profiler at the NCI.

During the press conference, Lee Joon Gi apologized, “I’m sorry for doing so many historical dramas. Although the historical dramas I did took place in different places in history, it seems that a lot of people were waiting for me to do a contemporary drama.”

The actor then talked about the advantages of filming a drama set in the present and said, “When filming historical dramas, we traveled all over the country to film in locations that had mountains and fields, which suited a historical drama. Filming in a city is great because there’s always air conditioning. When filming historical dramas, we’re often in places that are remote or secluded.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Gi has been prepping diligently for his role in “Criminal Minds” by taking on the task of learning new skills like martial arts. Plus, “Criminal Minds” recently released some intense posters as it gears up for its premiere on July 26 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

Top Photo Credit: XPORTSNEWS

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