Park Seo Joon Shares Why He Decided To Become An Actor

On July 19, Park Seo Joon participated in a V Live interview for his upcoming film “Midnight Runners” and talked about various topics including how he became an actor.

He revealed, “My childhood dream was to become a baseball player. My decision to become an actor was coincidental. I wanted to change my introverted personality, so I thought, ‘How about I try to put myself in front of people?'”

He recalled, “At school, the comics club had a yearly cosplay event. I was doing some action moves wearing one of their outfits, and when the pin light fell on me, I could see the whole school looking at me. I was flooded with euphoria, and I began attending an acting academy.”

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon will play a student from the Police University with Kang Ha Neul in his new crime investigation action film “Midnight Runners.” The movie will premiere on August 9.

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