Yoo Seung Ho Gives Endearing Reason Why He Finds It Hard To Make Celebrity Friends

Yoo Seung Ho revealed why he finds it hard to make friends with other celebrities.

During one of his interviews to commemorate the end of “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” the actor was asked whether he’s heard of the “93-er line,” which refers to celebrities born in 1993 like Park Bo Gum, EXO’s D.O., and Seo Kang Joon. He said, “I’ve read articles about it. Though I’m not friends with them, I do find myself looking out for them more because we’ve been grouped together.”

He added, “A lot of actors and singers who were born in 1993 are pretty active these days. It’s weird, but I feel proud when I see news about them.”

But Yoo Seung Ho also admitted that he doesn’t really have many celebrity friends. He confessed, “I do have a lot of opportunities to get to know them, but I’m too nervous to contact them. I want to open up to them, but the fact that they’re celebrities sticks in my mind, so I feel too nervous to joke around with them and I find it hard to be at ease around them.”

When it was pointed out that he too is a celebrity, just like the people who he was starstruck by, Yoo Seung Ho just gave a self-deprecating smile in return.

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