Akdong Musician Takes On EDM For The First Time With Upcoming Release

Akdong Musician will be taking on the genre of EDM for the first time since their debut.

On July 20, Akdong Musician is set to release their new single “SUMMER EPISODE,” which contains their tracks “Dinosaur” and “My Darling.” Notably, “Dinosaur” is set to be an EDM track.

While they previously took on genres such as jazz, polk, and ballads, this will be the first time they take on EDM.

“Dinosaur,” which was written by Lee Chan Hyuk, is a track about the feelings of fear that Chan Hyuk had to endure alone as a child. With Lee Chan Hyuk’s metaphorical lyrics, and Lee Soo Hyun’s clear vocals, many are curious to see how the new track will sound.

The second track “My Darling” contains Akdong Musician’s characteristic cheerful, acoustic sound with a catchy tune and cute lyrics.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician is set to make their return on July 20 at 6 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for their upcoming return?

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