JYP To Take Strong Legal Action Against Unlawful Behavior At Airport In Regards To GOT7

GOT7’s agency has announced their plans to take strong legal action against some of the fans’ illegal behavior.

On July 20, JYP Entertainment posted a statement on their official homepage that said, “Illegal activities at the airport such as violating the artist’s personal rights and personal life, as well as causing damage to the others at the airport have not been eradicated. We are trying our best to protect our artists by arranging things like having security guards, but we are in a situation where the illegal actions are constant and on-going.”

JYP Entertainment stated that behaviors such as traffic law violations, causing damage to others at the airport, as well as coming into physical contact with the artists; closely following artists and filming them without permission; and filming artists’ items such as their ID cards and cellphones were all illegal actions that violated the privacy of the artists.

The agency also stated, “In regards to illegal actions in general, we will be taking strong legal action in accordance to the criminal law as well as the Minor Offenses Act.”

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