Kim Byung Man Sustains Spinal Injury While Skydiving, SM C&C And SBS Release Statements

SM C&C has released an official statement regarding the spinal injury Kim Byung Man sustained while skydiving in the United States.

The statement explained, “On July 20, Kim Byung Man was participating in a team training exercise after earning a tandem skydiving license for the upcoming Korean international skydiving competition. It was during this training session that he sustained an injury while landing due to the wind suddenly changing directions.”

They added that they were able to prevent further injury thanks to the quick response from on-site safety officials and the United Kingdom special forces team that was also there. Kim Byung Man was immediately rushed to the hospital for a detailed examination.

The agency stated, “Though Kim Byung Man has suffered a fracture in his spine, there was no nerve damage. He will be undergoing surgery and recuperating for one to two weeks in the U.S. before returning to Korea.”

It was also explained that he would require approximately two months to fully heal from his injury, and Kim Byung Man’s scheduled activities will be put on hold until he recovers.

SBS was asked to comment as Kim Byung Man currently appears in two of their shows, “Law of the Jungle” and “Clench Your Fist and Blow the Boat Horn” (literal title).

They stated, “As the upcoming Komodo series has already been filmed for ‘Law of the Jungle,’ there will not be any issues for the next two months. We also have approximately a month’s worth of material filmed for ‘Clench Your Fist and Blow the Boat Horn’ as well.”

SBS emphasized, “However, what is most important is Kim Byung Man’s recovery. We will discuss future matters at a later date.”

We wish Kim Byung Man all the best and hope has a full recovery!

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