Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon Sends Supportive Message To Fellow HOTSHOT Members On Recent Comeback

Wanna One and HOTSHOT member Ha Sung Woon has nothing but love for his fellow HOTSHOT members.

Star Crew Entertainment (formerly Ador&Able), the agency of HOTSHOT, revealed that Ha Sung Woon had sent a message of support to his fellow HOTSHOT members following the group’s comeback on July 15.

As Ha Sung Woon has been chosen to be a member of Wanna One, he was not able to join the other members of HOTSHOT for their recent comeback track “Jelly.”

The idol stated, “I felt like my heart was going to burst watching HOTSHOT’s performance on ‘Music Core.’ Whenever I have a moment, I look up HOTSHOT on portal sites and monitor news about them. I also call up the other members to nag at them.” He also added, “I feel like the height of the members in the group has become unbalanced now that I’m not there. It feels empty without the members by my side because we’ve always stuck together, and I miss them. I’m confident they’ll keep HOTSHOT thriving while I’m gone.”

An agency representative stated, “Ha Sung Woon feels apologetic to his fellow members and fans for not being able to perform as a member of HOTSHOT because of his Wanna One activities. However, he wants everyone to know that he’ll be with HOTSHOT in spirit, and he hopes fans will give all their love and support to both HOTSHOT and Wanna One.”

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