Sulli Shows Off Close Friend IU’s Cooking Skills

IU has been dubbed a cooking genius by her good friend Sulli!

On July 21, Sulli posted two new photos on Instagram of IU cooking up a meal in the kitchen.

In the photo, IU is laughing as she is scooping up some broth from a pot. The photo seems to be taken by Sulli. The second photo shows a picture of a colorful vegetable noodle dish with a plate of meat and some soy sauce.

Sulli playfully wrote in the caption, “Cooking genius Lee Ji Eun? Ddook Ddak Ddook Ddak! (Korean onomatopoeia for quickly making things).” In the hashtags, she shared details about the meal, saying, “Heavenly, fresh rice cooked by god-like Lee Ji Eun,” “feast noodles,” and “meat.”

Meanwhile, IU is currently appearing on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay” as a guesthouse staff.

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