Yoo Seung Ho Explains Why He Doesn’t Use Social Media To Reveal His Personal Life

Actor Yoo Seung Ho talked about his mysterious image, which he says he acquired inadvertently.

In a recent interview, the interviewer said to Yoo Seung Ho, “I think we only have the chance to see you through shows, and you don’t expose your personal life.” He said, “I don’t try to be mysterious on purpose or anything.”

Yoo Seung Ho explained, “Actually, my personal life isn’t anything special. There are times when I don’t leave my house for a week, and the most I do is help out my friend on his farm.”

He added with a smile, “There’s nothing special enough for me to share on social media. Plus, putting in hashtags and taking selfies and pictures of food makes me cringe, so I can’t do it.”

He also said, “I usually like to do things alone. I try to do most things alone. Right now, there are overnight shoots and things so I get the help of my managers and staff, but when times change, I’d like to drive myself to the set. I want to live as I want, as I feel.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho wrapped up his most recent drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”

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