Kim So Hyun Talks About Being Homeschooled And Possibility Of Dating In College

Kim So Hyun recently sat down for an interview and talked about her experience with homeschooling as well as thoughts as she prepares for college life.

The actress said, “I chose to be homeschooled so I wouldn’t have any regrets. Even if I went back in time to the moment I decided [to be homeschooled] I would have made the same choice. Of course being a student is a beautiful and important thing; however, I thought it would be difficult for me unless I really were to focus on just school and studying, which likely would not have been the case for me.”

Kim So Hyun also revealed her thoughts on college, as she will begin attending college soon, and said, “For me, my place of learning was on set. I learned a lot while on set; however, when I go to college, I want to learn more about theory and how to apply it. I also think it will be very helpful to experience new things and meet new people through college.”

She continued, “I also want to join student clubs but am worried because a lot of people have told me that they’re just places to drink. I’ve also thought about dating while in college but would that even be possible? I’d like to date a pleasant and bright person.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun recently wrapped up her latest drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” and also talked recently about how her co-star Yoo Seung Ho helped her while filming their kiss scenes. 

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