Watch: Block B’s Zico Surprises Art Exhibition Goers With Special Performance Of “Artist”

Block B’s Zico surprised a group of people enjoying a day out at an art exhibition with a performance of his latest title track “Artist.”

The event first began with Zico’s voice reading out an explanation for one of the photos being displayed in the exhibition. It seems like none of the people in the group know what’s going on but still go along with it.

They are then led into a room where Zico stands behind a picture frame, like he himself has become a part of the exhibition. Everyone is shocked when he turns around and reveals his identity, and they’re quick to whip out their phones to snap a photo.

As a special surprise, Zico performs “Artist” with the help of his dance crew, who had been pretending to be regular citizens amongst the group of spectators. It’s a fun and exciting moment for everyone involved, especially a little girl who is enthralled by Zico’s performance.

Check out the fun video and don’t forget to watch the original music video for “Artist” as well!