2PM’s Taecyeon Reflects On His 20s And Speaks Candidly About Entering His 30s

2PM’s Taecyeon recently took part in a pictorial for GQ Korea and talked honestly about the way he spent his 20s and how he foresees his 30s.

He said, “In my 20s, I expressed all the youth and passion that you can only have when you’re in your 20s. I did almost everything there is to do. It was a good way to spend my 20s.”

About entering his 30s this year (in Korean reckoning), he stated, “I’m more excited than scared. Now, every decision I make is completely my own.”

Taecyeon also spoke about his lifestyle during the interview. He said, “I try to preserve my identity and keep my feet on the ground. I do things that I feel need to be done, or that I want to do. When I was a student, I went to school, and when I went on trips, I wanted to know the history, so I went on tours with the other tourists. That’s why work stays fun for me,” and added, “I want to remember the value of things that are ordinary, but also precious.”

You can find the full pictorial and interview in the August issue of GQ Korea.

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