Lee Sang Min And Kim Byung Man Compliment gugudan’s Kim Sejeong On Her Amazing Adaptability

Kim Byung Man and Lee Sang Min praised gugudan’s Kim Sejeong for her adaptability and smarts.

On the July 22 broadcast of SBS’s “Clench Your Fist and Blow the Boat Horn” (literal title), Kim Sejeong found her own way of fishing for cutlassfish.

During the show, Kim Sejeong was initially disheartened because she found that fishing for cutlassfish was more difficult than how the other male cast members found it. Since it took a lot of brute strength, it wasn’t easy to learn. However, the way she adapted drew the surprise of everyone else.

Lee Sang Min praised, “Even men found it hard, but she put the fishing line in her mouth and brought up the line that way. Since the float is quite heavy and everything, it could have been difficult for a girl to do that. She’s very smart.”

Kim Byung Man added, “Kim Sejeong put the line in her mouth and found her own style of doing things. Her flexibility is amazing.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong is currently starring in “School 2017” as the main lead Ra Eun Ho.

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