Baekhyun Reveals The Peculiar Thing He Did To Get Close To The EXO Members

EXO’s Baekhyun revealed that he went the extra mile to get close to the other members.

On the July 22 broadcast of “Ask Us Anything,” Baekhyun said that he went into the showers with the other EXO members in order to get close to them.

He said, “It was because I wanted the members to have no barriers between each other,” and explained that the tactic worked because he got close to all of them very quickly. He bragged that no one could protest because he used a chopstick to pick the lock on the bathroom door.

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Baekhyun then revealed that showering with D.O. was the best, since D.O. would always come scrub his back.

Meanwhile, EXO recently made a successful comeback with “Ko Ko Bop.”

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