The Impossible BTS Quiz

You probably took our latest BTS quiz and thought it was too easy. You also probably took many quizzes called something along the lines of “The Hardest BTS Quiz Ever,” but you aced them all. Nothing challenges you anymore, you are bored, you have nothing left to distract you from the imminent comeback – what is life. Just for you, dear A.R.M.Ys, who really, really know (almost?) everything, we created this. Probably the hardest, most merciless quiz about the boys you’ll be able to find.

DISCLAIMER: You probably shouldn’t even try to take this quiz yourself. Just send the link to this one person who always claims to know more than you. If you are easily frustrated by failure, you should consider bailing out before it’s too late. We warned you. It’s really hard. Oh and also… looking things up is cheating. Good luck!

The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Hey Soompiers, how did you do? What’s your score? Please don’t come for us with pitchforks and torches. Or was it still too easy?

daisygonzo is still in Seoul, doing her favorite thing, which is being in Seoul and writing stuff like this. Follow her Instagram to see how a European survives in Korea.

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