Watch: Yang Hyun Suk Gives Sneak Peek At WINNER’s New Track And Music Video

Yang Hyun Suk recently blessed fans with two behind-the-scenes videos of WINNER’s new music video.

On July 23, he uploaded two short videos on his Instagram account and also hinted at what fans can expect from WINNER’s upcoming comeback.

In his first post, Yang Hyun Suk indicates that WINNER is currently in the process of filming their music video in Hawaii. He also includes a hashtag that says, “2MVs,” hinting that there will be more than one music video to look forward to. This is similar to when they released two music videos for their dual-title tracks, “Really Really” and “Fool”. The best part is that there is also a sneak peek at WINNER’s new track playing in the background of this video.

Shortly after the first post, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded another video that shows the members of WINNER fooling around and running towards the camera, shouting and giving off a ton of summer vibes.

Are you looking forward to WINNER’s comeback?

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