Watch: EXO’s Chen Pulls Off Insanely Difficult Song + Other Impressive Performances On “Ask Us Anything”

The members of EXO blessed fans with some legendary performances on the July 22 broadcast of “Ask Us Anything.”

During the episode, Chen covered So Chan Whee’s “Tears,” an extremely difficult song known for its insanely high notes, in its original key. The cast members of “Ask Us Anything” couldn’t hide their shock at his amazing vocals as he flawlessly belted out all the notes.

Watch his incredible performance below!

The other members of EXO also got a chance to showcase their talents on the show. Baekhyun sang the emotional rock ballad “Sweet Dream” with its original singers Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon.

“Dancing King” Kai also impressed everyone with his famous performance of “Deep Breath” that he had previously shown at 2014 MAMA.

The episode then finished off with all the members of EXO performing their latest hit “Ko Ko Bop.”

What an intense episode!