Kim Sejeong Fights Social Injustice On “School 2017”

Kim Sejeong keeps killing it on KBS2’s “School 2017” with her positive quotes which utterly destroy the self-centered adults around her!

Whether it’s attacking the vicious grade tier system, or enduring her tarnished reputation after being suspected of being the school’s mystery troublemaker, Kim Sejeong’s character Ra Eun Ho tells it like she sees it and isn’t afraid of extending her points to society as a whole. This has made her into a quotable icon for students and even sympathetic adults. Viewers are sharing reactions to Ra Eun Ho such as, “She is saying all the things I’ve wanted to say for me,” and, “We adults are sorry!” Here are Ra Eun Ho’s top three most relatable quotes!

1. I should fight tooth and nail to have the same rules applied to me!

Unlike the principle’s son, Kim Jung Hyun’s Hyun Tae Woon, who receives his confiscated cell phone back after saying it was a gift from his father, Ra Eun Ho has her sketchbook confiscated indefinitely by her teacher. After Ra Eun Ho objects to the unfairness of the situation, her teacher replies, “Then have a strong [family] background. Something with the strength to breakdown the rules! So what if you’re wrongly accused. That’s just the bloody reality of our society.” Ra Eun Ho response to this with solid conviction, “And I should just accept this? If I’m being wrongly accused of something and deprived of something, I just need to endure it? I should fight tooth and nail to have the same rules applied!” In a society rampant with discrimination, Ra Eun Ho is an inspiration to fight for equal rights.

2. The adults who are doing bad things today are all the students who did well when they were in school.

After catching a glimpse of the mystery troublemaker when she secretly goes into the classroom to find her sketchbook, Ra Eun Ho is caught and accused as the troublemaker by the vice principal. When the vice principal remarks that the students who can’t study well are all troublemakers, Ra Eun Ho responds, “Not being able to study is not being a troublemaker! The adults who are doing bad things today are all students who did well in school.” Here, Ra Eun Ho admonishes the teachers who are using her as a scapegoat for the problems around campus and points out the irrationality of society even outside of school. While these adults were model students in school, they now have become the troublemakers of society.

3. If we can’t study and have no money, does that make us troublemakers?

When popular girls steal the notes of Ra Eun Ho’s classmate Seo Bora, a fight ensues. Ra Eun Ho tries to break up the altercation, but is ultimately implicated in the incident and ends up having to write an apology note. Discouraged, Seo Bora states that they will probably be kicked out and notes, “It’s probably better if there weren’t kids like us in this school. We can’t study and we have no money.” To this, Ra Eun Ho asserts, “If we can’t study and have no money, does that make us troublemakers? Who is thinking of such ridiculous thoughts?” To Ra Eun Ho, the school should serve as a shield to protect students. However, because the system names model students and troublemakers on the basis of grades and family background, those who need the most protection are being abandoned by the institution designed to help them.

Kim Sejong’s character never submits to injustice but rather stands and fights to the ends. Viewers young and old are finding themselves inspired to question the systems around them and even look inward to their own behavior. We are loving “School 2017” so far, and can’t wait for more of Ra Eun Ho’s daring exploits!

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