So Ji Sub Talks About Yoo Seung Ho’s Resemblance To Him And Describes Him As An “Angel”

On July 24, at an interview for his new movie “The Battleship Island,” So Ji Sub talked about his look-alike, Yoo Seung Ho, and asked if they still looked alike.

During his child actor days, Yoo Seung Ho had gathered attention for his uncanny resemblance to So Ji Sub. The two actors seem to be quite close today as well. Yoo Seung Ho mentioned So Ji Sub at a recent interview to support “The Battleship Island” and attended the movie’s VIP press conference on July 20.

So Ji Sub said, “He called me after the VIP press conference and said he enjoyed the movie,” and continued, “He’s like an angel. He grew up so upright that I thought it would have been better for him to have some more fun. I’m thinking he’s probably having a little more fun now.”

The interviewer asked So Ji Sub if he himself is having fun and enjoying his life, to which he responded, “I try to enjoy [life]. Making music and doing exercise are the efforts I’ve been making to do so.” So Ji Sub has been periodically releasing albums as a rapper since 2008. He explained that he could talk about himself in his music, and doing so made it easier for him when he’s acting.

Regarding exercise, he stated, “I like exercising so much that it’s a stress reliever. I use a lot of my energy on working out. My joints aren’t in good condition, and somehow they hurt more when I don’t exercise. I try to work out everyday.”

Meanwhile, “The Battleship Island” premieres on July 26 and stars Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min, Lee Jung Hyun, and Kim Soo Ahn.

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