“The King Loves” To Introduce New Female Character And Raise Tensions In Upcoming Episodes

“The King Loves” will be introducing a new female character into the love triangle!

As the relationships between YoonA’s character, Im Siwan’s character, and Hong Jong Hyun’s character continued to develop in episodes three and four, the upcoming episodes will be featuring a new character.

The production staff for “The King Loves” stated, “The upcoming fifth and sixth episodes, which will air on July 24, will show the appearance of Wang Dan, who harbors unrequited feelings for Wang Won. From this point, their different love lines will develop to create a more abundant and compelling story.”

Wang Dan, played by Park Hwan Hee, is the younger sister of Wang Lin (Hong Jong Hyun). Her character is described as someone who has kept Wang Won in her heart ever since she was little. However, Wang Won views Wang Dan as if she was his actual sister. The released stills for the upcoming episodes show just how differently he reacts to Eun San (YoonA) and Wang Dan (Park Hwan Hee).

The drama also released tense stills showing a masked Wang Lin tightly holding Eun San from behind and covering her mouth. With expressions of panic and intensity in their eyes, many viewers are curious to see just what will happen to Eun San and Wang Lin in the upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, “The King Loves” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch it at Viki!Watch

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