11 Things Only EXO Stans Will Understand

Calling all EXO-Ls! You already know that these kings have finally come back with “Ko Ko Bop,” thus slaying the entire world with pure talent. So to celebrate their triumphant return, I present to you 11 inside jokes that only EXO-L’s can understand. Enjoy!

1. “cHOgiWa”

You knew that this would be included. As hard as we all try to forget about “Wolf,” there is no escaping the memes created from its ashes. I don’t care how old this joke gets, it still manages to be funny. Besides, nobody can run from “Chogiwa.” Nobody.

2. D.O.’s general savagery

Do Kyung Soo may be a petite man, but he has more than enough anger inside him. Small but savage, D.O.’s got a bad side you don’t want to see. His unamused facial expressions are also perfect for reaction images.

3. The iconic tragedy that is “EXO Next Door”

Did anything about this drama really make sense? Sehun had a bromance with the protagonist’s brother, Suho suddenly ran away on crutches (despite the obvious flaw in that logic), Baekhyun spent the whole plot just being Baekhyun, and EXO-M only appeared for like three seconds. Whether it’s actually good or not is beside the point, because something about this drama is just plain entertaining.

4. Baekhyun’s mullet

For this comeback, the stylists decided to spring a little surprise on us: Baekhyun now has a mullet. A cooler, sort of stylish mullet, but a mullet nonetheless. Personally, I think Baekhyun was a little too good looking during “Lotto,” so maybe he needs the mullet in order to make him a little less handsome. At least, that’s my theory.

5. Kai laughing all the time

Why is he still laughing? Is he ok? Sometimes Kai laughs so much that it seems like he forgets to breathe for a little bit. This child needs to be protected from himself.


This may be the best line in any EXO song, ever. Even though Sehun doesn’t have very many solo parts in the first place, this treasure of a line makes up for all of that. It got to the point where it escalated into a series of Vines that are, simply put, hilarious. Watch below for proof.

7. Dinosaur Chen

Tyrannosaurus Chen is a rare and endangered species, so please do not startle him. Provoking this creature will force him to unleash an ear-shattering screech. The sound won’t hurt you or anything; you’ll just find it really annoying.

8. The divorce of Kris and Suho

When Kris decided to leave EXO, it was a sad time for the family. The father of the group was leaving, so what was Mama Suho to do? So from then on, Suho was forced to raise his boys as a single mother. Tragic.

9. Sehun mistaking SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan For NCT’s Johnny

This one doesn’t apply to only EXO-L’s, but it must be included as one of Sehun’s most embarrassing moments of all time. All Sehun wanted was to talk to his good friend Johnny, when he had a very awkward encounter. In front of crowds of people. Captured on video for the world to see. So please, never let him live this down.


10. Luhan’s “Lu”

Kris, Tao, and Luhan have all come out with some good solo content, but none of the other songs come close to “Lu.” It’s the song you love to hate and hate to love. I don’t know whose idea it was for Luhan to sing in English, but I have to thank them. Listening to “Lu” never fails to make me crack up.

11. The time Chenbaek was mistaken for a couple at Disneyland

Sometimes with skinship, people tend to assume certain things. That’s exactly what happened on this fateful day, when Tumblr user stop-being-foolish thought that Chen and Baekhyun were in a relationship. Hilarity ensued.


Hey EXO-L’s, what’s your favorite thing about EXO? Be sure to show them some love in the comments below!

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