PSY Reveals Why Apink’s Son Naeun Was The Perfect Choice For His “New Face” MV

PSY revealed why he asked Apink’s Son Naeun to be in his “New Face” music video.

In a recent interview, PSY said, “There’s really no behind story at all about how I casted Son Naeun. I just thought that it would be pretty if she were in the ‘New Face’ music video, so I called and asked her. I wanted to cast someone who wasn’t a rookie, but had a prominently lovely image.”

He added, “I asked a friend, and he said that Naeun had a fun side to her that you wouldn’t realize. I thought that would be a good thing for ‘New Face.’ I thought that the public would easily think of her as a ‘New Face.’ I wanted to make it a win-win situation by showing sides of her that weren’t exposed before.”

PSY also congratulated Apink on their successful comeback. The singer commented, “I’m glad that Apink made a comeback and did really well. I’m also grateful that [Son Naeun] danced more to ‘New Face’ than to her own new song. Every time she goes on a show, I ask her to dance to ‘New Face,’ and I ask the MCs on the show to tell her to do so as well.”

Do you think Son Naeun was a good choice for the music video?

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