KARD Talks About How Quickly Their Group Was Put Together And Being Moved By International Fans

KARD recently appeared on SBS LoveFM’s “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show” and talked about how their group was put together, international fans, and more advantages of being a co-ed group.

The group will be taking on the second leg of their “WILD KARD 2017” tour in America in just a few months following a passionate response to the first part of their tour earlier this year.

When asked if they sing their songs in English or Korean on these tours, Jiwoo responded, “We sing our songs in Korean. Our [international] fans follow along and sing in Korean as well. Even if the song has an English version, our international fans like when we sing the Korean versions more, which is really touching.”

The topic of their group name was brought up as well and Yoon Hyung Bin asked if there were any other candidates for their group name to which J.Seph replied, “There was only KARD. It was a one-shot, one-kill kind of decision.”

Jiwoo continued, “Our producer decided it within five minutes. He also decided our positions, colors, and what cards we each would represent in those five minutes,” revealing how quickly the group was put together.

Previously, Somin said that the best part about being a co-ed group was that there were so many possibilities for them in terms of music and performance. J.Seph added something a bit different to that and said, “Even though Somin and Jiwoo have no need to lose any weight, they always leave food because they don’t want to gain weight. That means I can eat more,” making everyone laugh at his entertaining and unexpected answer.

Meanwhile, KARD recently made their highly anticipated official debut with “Hola Hola.”

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