Lee Joon Gi Opens Up About Differences Of Filming Historical And Modern Dramas

Lee Joon Gi shared the differences between performing in modern and historical dramas during a Naver V Live broadcast on July 26.

“Because historical dramas have certain lines set in stone, you can’t just add adlibs freely. On the other hand, since modern dramas take place in the era that I am living in right now, I can be much more natural,” the actor explained.

Lee Joon Gi added with a smile, “More than anything, I like how the travel time [between sets] is short and how I can work in air conditioning.”

The actor also touched on his feelings about the premiere of his newest drama, “Criminal Minds,” stating, “The first broadcast of a drama is always quite burdensome. It’s part excitement and part burden, but I usually feel more of the burdensome aspect.”

tvN’s “Criminal Minds” is a remake of the American drama of the same name, and remaking the popular, 13-season-long American drama was no easy feat.

Lee Joon Gi stated about the endeavor, “There naturally is a burden because of the original show. However, instead of trying to make it exactly like the original, we did our best to incorporate more Korean sentiment. We’re trying to fill the emotional gap between the American and Korean shows with Korean-appropriate dialog and performances by Korean actors. So, please feel comfortable while you watch our version.”

“Criminal Minds” depicts the process of catching serial killers through profiling, in which investigators penetrate into the psychology of the criminals. Its first broadcast was on July 26.

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